Polterabend with acroyoga

Polterabend - få en workshop i akroyoga til jeres polterabend. Yoga, akrobatik og thai massage forenes på smukkeste vis i akroyogaen.

Are you planning a polterabend, bachelor or bachelorette party? Try something new. Acroyoga brings together elements from yoga, acrobatics and thai massage. Everyone can participate. You don’t need any special strength or flexibility. Acroyoga is the perfect activity for a polterabend if you would like to be close, laugh together and strengthen your trust to one another in the group.

Akroyoga til jeres polterabend. Så styrker I tilliden til hinanden, I samarbejder og har det sjovt.

Polterabend often involves alcohol. This is not compatible with acroyoga. So you are kindly asked to wait with any alcohol consumption at your polterabend until after the acroyoga activity.

Polterabend skal være sjovt. Med akroyoga som aktivitet får I det sjovt, griner sammen, samarbedjer og lærer noget nyt.


An acroyoga workshop at your polterabend will usually last 90 minutes. But I can also do a workshop that is shorter or longer.


Outdoors on grass, if the weather allows. Otherwise indoors on yoga mats.


Depends on number of people, where in the country it should take place and also if we need to rent a room for the activity.


Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Phone: 30273229. E-mail: simonsakroyoga@gmail.com