Acroyoga combines the presence from yoga with the power from acrobatics. Through acroyoga you’re not just working on your flexibility and balance, you’re also practicing your ability to trust and to communicate with others. ‘Where can I do acroyoga in Copenhagen?’ you might be asking. Check out acroyoga classes in Copenhagen with Simon, or continue reading below.

What is acroyoga?


It’s not for no reason that acroyoga is called ‘the yoga of trust’. Letting go of our own balance and having someone else lift us from the ground takes a certain amount of trust. In acroyoga we are working on building trust between us. The spotter plays an important role here. The spotter is the third person standing close to the flyer for safety. The spotter is ready to catch hold and adjust, if the flyer gets off balance.


Acroyoga is a little like partner dancing. To succeed we must cooperate. ‘It takes two to acro,’ if you will. When we’re practicing acroyoga we’re developing our ability to cooperate with many different kinds of people. Communication plays a crucial role. When we’re sending signals in acroyoga, it’s often a bit like leading in a dance. The better we become at reading the signals and reacting to them, the easier cooperation becomes.

Playful yoga

Playing is to me one of the most important elements of acroyoga. This is where we forget time and place. This is where we laugh and where we’re being creative together. Acroyoga can help us find focus and presence in an otherwise busy life.

Thai yoga massage

Acroyoga has two parts: solar and lunar. Solar is the active element where both base and flyer are active. Lunar is the therapeutic element including thai yoga massage and flying therapeutics. Solar is the main focus in the acroyoga taught in Copenhagen.