Private lessons in acroyoga

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There can be many reasons to consider taking private lessons in acroyoga.

Perhaps you never tried acroyoga and want to learn the basics or just have a fun experience. Or maybe you already know some acroyoga and want to improve your basing or flying skills or learn a specific acroyoga technique or flow. We will customize this intensive one-on-one lesson to fit your wishes.

When something doesn’t work in acroyoga it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly where it goes wrong. Especially if both base and flyer are relatively inexperienced. In a private lesson you will be working with me. I have solid experience both as a base and flyer, and I will give you advice on what you can work on to improve.

The price is:

500 kr./hour if you’re alone

700 kr./hour if you’re two people

Gift card for acroyoga is also an option.

Contact me if you are interested or have any questions:

If you’re coming alone I might ask you to bring a friend for spotting. Your friend will be thoroughly introduced to spotting and, of course, doesn’t pay anything.

Teambuilding with acroyoga

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