Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage and acroyoga are part of lunar acroyoga

What is thai yoga massage?

Thai yoga massage is a dynamic version of the traditional thai massage many know from Thailand. The treatment takes place on a comfortable mattress on the floor. The therapist uses his/her entire body and moves around you almost as if dancing.

A present touch and slow, rhythmical movements bring you into an extremely relaxed state. This makes the body receptive and allows for a more in-depth massage.

You are fully dressed and no oil is used.

Flying therapeutics

Here’s a short sequence in flying therapeutics and thai yoga massage. Flying therapeutics is optional and not necessarily part of a thai yoga massage treatment. The video starts with flying therapeutics and ends  (3.50 min. through the video) with thai yoga massage.

In this video, giver and receiver change roles but when you get a treatment you are of course only receiving and you can relax completely.

Does it work?

I’m not promising any miracles. However, I do promise that after a treatment from me you will at least feel considerably more relaxed, stress relieved and with an enhanced well-being.

Who is it good for?

All who wish to do something nice for their body and mind. Perhaps you have a draining office job and need renewed energy. Or maybe you are very physically active and need to find peace and balance in your body.

Certain people should be extra careful. Please let me know before the treatment if you are hybermobile, recently operated, suffer from high blood pressure, heart or skin issues or other illnesses that could be relevant.


600 kr. for 1 hour

You are in safe and capable hands. I am educated from the internationally renowned Sunshine Network in Greece. In addition, I’ve practiced thai yoga massage for a long time as part of my acroyoga teaching. If you’re not satisfied after the treatment, you will get a full refund.

Gift card

In need of an idea for a present? I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be very happy to receive a gift card for massage. I will send you a gift card via e-mail that you can print and give for a thai yoga massage treatment.

Book treatment

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